Make power from sunlight.

Harness the power of the sun to generate clean, renewable Solar energy.
Make power from sunlight
The amount of sunlight that hits the earth in one year alone can provide more energy than all of the earth’s non-renewable sources combined.
Sunlight is a perpetual and free source of fuel that can provide serious power when harvested through quality Solar PV systems.
Solar energy is the fuel of the future and will play a critical role in mitigating climate impacts from our current dependency on fossil fuels.

Why Solar Power

Green Energy

Generate clean, renewable power from sunlight.


Proven technology adopted by leading local businesses and government agencies.


Solar power is cheaper than commercial utility tariffs in Singapore.

Long Term

Solar panels are warranted to perform for 25 years.

Solar Makes Sense for Singapore

Singapore has never been more ready to embrace Solar power.
With ample sunshine, plenty of rooftop space and one of the highest electricity prices in the world, Singapore is ready to harness its only natural resource – sunlight.
Singapore imports 98% of its energy needs, increasing our dependence on imported fossil fuels. Quarterly tariff fluctuations increase volatility for long-term business planning and cost control.
With costs of solar power generation having fallen below retail utility tariffs, more businesses & industries are turning towards Solar power to enjoy energy cost savings, enhanced sustainability profiles and stable energy prices.

How a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System Works:

A Solar system is comprised of:
Solar Panels

Photovoltaic cells convert sunlight into electrons (Direct Current/DC)

Solar Inverter

Converts DC power into AC power (Alternating Current)

Mounting Structure

Panels are mounted on metal rails which fix permanently on your rooftop.

Balance Of Systems

Cables, Nuts, Bolts, Data Loggers, Monitoring Software

How Solar Systems Work

How Solar Systems Work

Solar Math

Solar Math
Solar Math
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